HRC: Speech in the framework of “Putevodnaya zvezda” awards ceremony 13.12.2016

HRC team joined the program events organized by the top hospitality industry players in the framework of “Putevodnaya Zvezda” Awards Ceremony.

As part of the events held in the Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel, our team representative gave the Speech “On Mobile Apps for the Travel Industry”. Initially, organizers scheduled a one hour speech; however, in view of keen interest of the audience in our speech, in particular, guides offering their services for hotels, nobody limited us by strict policy rules. So, the speech took more than an hour and a half. TVC, a federal TV channel highlighted our product relevance by preparing a video showing mobile apps advantages for users: no need to call anymore, if you want to order any additional hotel services — you can just use your smartphone to do all this online! The video is going to be released at the end of January. This video will be definitely posted on our website.

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