An interview with the REALNOE VREMYA tv channel (Kazan) 28/10/2016

In the interview for Kazan Television, we explained that hotels should definitely start an active work with mobile audience to increase sales and remain competitive in the future.

Our participation in a professional exhibition HoReCa_Kazan 2016 was not limited to giving a Report “On Effective Method of Instant Communication with Guests, i.e., Hotel Remote Control”. Aleksandr Becker, a co-founder of the Hotel Remote Control Company, was interviewed on the local television where he provided sound arguments proving the relevance of the mobile app ensuring effective communication with hotel guests. According to Google statistics, mobile audience annual growth is more than 300%. About 95% of travelers or business travelers spend about 170 minutes on their smartphones daily. That is why hoteliers are interested in special mobile apps that can be used as additional sales channel and express a desire to connect to the Hotel Remote Control.

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