Productive trip to HORECA_KAZAN 2016 27/10/2016

From 26 to 28 October, the first professional exhibition HoReCa_Kazan 2016 was held in Kazan. We not only attended this event, we also made a HotelRC mobile hotel app presentation.

The program of the exhibition devoted to hotel and restaurant business in Kazan included workshops, training events and round tables, and we were actively involved in one of them. Our Report “On Effective Method of Instant Communication with Guests, i.e., Hotel Remote Control” had a maximum feedback rate.

We prepared an eloquent and coherent presentation for those who would like to learn more about our application and its opportunities for communication between hotel management staff and customers. Leading city hotels are interested in our product; moreover, we have already discussed terms and conditions of further cooperation as well as development deadlines for creating content and connecting to the system.


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