HRC developments were introduced at the hospitality workshop in Chelyabinsk 28.11.2016

The National Russian Workshop in Chelyabinsk where Hotel Remote Control developments were presented was devoted to relevant challenges in hotel standardization and classification and innovations in the hospitality industry.

Aleksandr Becker, our HRC team representative, spoke before the invited guests and participants of the workshop organized by the Tourism Development Center of Chelyabinsk Oblast. His report “On Mobile Marketing as an Innovative Trend in the Hospitality Industry” fully explored the hot topic important to hoteliers and helped to find the answers to a number of challenging issues related to enhancing service level.

According to the policy rules, the speaker had only 1 hour, but the topic made such a big splash that answering participants’ questions took much longer. Hoteliers even immediately cooked up a live case: the air conditioning in the conference room did not work, which could have been addressed through the mobile app instead of wasting time on calling the hotel staff if the hotel had provided this app.

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